Bottneuro | Digital solutions for Alzheimer’s patients


We envision Alzheimer's disease to become manageable and allow patients to regain an independent life.

Bottneuro aims to become the leading provider of diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer's disease using digital biomarkers, brain imaging and neuromodulation technologies.

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Miamind Diagnostics

Dedicated PET imaging and digital assessments for early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease are offered at our Miamind Centers.

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Miamind Therapeutics

Miamind Neurostimulator is an investigational device for non-invasive treatment for mild Alzheimer's disease patients using personalized transcranial electrical stimulations of glia cells in the brain.

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Research Priority Access

Leveraging our platform technology of customised brain EEG and stimulation headset, we are partnering with research institutes to investigate other potential brain applications such as insomnia, glioblastoma, epilepsy, stroke rehabilitation.

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