As a spin-off of the University of Basel, Bottneuro enjoys proximity to the university’s resources, which is important for research and development

The unique corporation between academic institutions and a research-based start-up increases the reputation as well as the degree of innovation and credibility. Thus, this location is a source of highly qualified and technically excellently trained workers who possess the know-how that Bottneuro requires. Being located at the Novartis Campus Basel, it has access to modern and flexible office spaces. As one of the most advanced countries in the field of medicine, Switzerland is an additional element that sets Bottneuro apart from international competitors. A strong economy and a technology-supportive policy as well as an innovative society form the foundation of a successful company and are important external factors. The most significant cooperation partners include above all:

Positrogo AG, Switzerland, ETH Spin-off developing brain positron emission tomography (PET) system offers functional brain imaging at a fraction of today’s cost. Market launch in 2023.  We will use this low-cost PET scanners in Switzerland and at our franchisee’s locations for diagnosis and to get the 3D data for our AD therapy.

IMT, Switzerland, develops medical systems, devices, and software that have the potential to become market leaders. As part of an ISO 13485 certified company, IMT specialists are developing the electronics incl. the technical documentation for the Bottneuro’s headsets.

Erdman Design, Switzerland, Design Thinking, Usability Engineering, Usability Tesing. Erdmann Design is developing a patient-centric design of our headset.

Collaboration with Samsung, Switzerland, has started. We are testing their custom-configured Galaxy S7+ tablets. The tablet powers the headset and allows to start/stop the therapy incl. visualisation of impedance check of the electrodes. The preloaded applications allow Bottneuro and clinicians to review patient therapy history and usage, visualize neuronal activation and optimize treatment through a more streamlined workflow. The intuitive interface, face and/or fingerprint login, task-based workflow, and large screen for visualizing information means patients and caregivers are supported with data that shows the bigger picture of the patient’s condition.

Blue Broccoli is Our partner for global Medical Devices Regulatory & Quality Management.

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