Prof. Dr. Raphael Guzman

Co-Founder & Clinical Expert, University Hospital Basel

After completing the neurosurgery residency in Bern, Switzerland, I completed a ‎postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University in California, USA. I was appointed to ‎an Assistant Professor Position in Neurosurgery at Stanford University, where I ‎remained from 2007-2012. In 2012 I was appointed Vice-Chair of Neurosurgery at ‎the University Hospital of Basel. Next to my clinical practice, I am a Principal ‎Investigator in the Department of Biomedicine in Basel. The role of glia in the central ‎nervous system (CNS) has been a keen interest of mine over the past several ‎years. Much attention was given to the neuronal network, but glia was understudied. ‎Astroglia and oligodendroglia are key factors for the proper function of the neuronal ‎network, and without their support, the nervous system cannot fulfill its complex ‎tasks. Microglia, as the third part of glia, is a very distinct cellular component ‎originating from the yolk sac and populating the brain during embryogenesis. The ‎understanding of microglia was initially restricted to its function as the CNS immune ‎cells, but in the last decade, the relevance of microglia for brain development, brain ‎homeostasis, neuroregeneration, and neurodegeneration was highlighted. We have ‎specifically contributed to the better understanding of microglia in neural ‎development, where we find region- and time-specific characteristics of microglia ‎morphologically and at the gene expression level. We have built special expertise ‎on neuroinflammation in the CNS and believe that neuromodulation could be a key ‎therapeutic approach for pathologies with a component of neuroinflammation.‎

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