Luca De Angeli

Business and strategy

Visioning consists of imaging possibilities, working consists of building bridges to get ‎there. I'm here to build a path from where we are today and where we will be ‎tomorrow. Graduated in industrial engineering with a specialization in nuclear ‎physics and corporate finance, I've built a non-linear professional development ‎working 25 years across diverse industries from banking to oil, gas engineering, and ‎construction before verticalizing into healthcare, life science, and Medtech, where ‎I've equally balanced my exposure working as corporate leader and as strategy and ‎management consultant in developing market access and entry strategy, corporate ‎development programs, and organizational transformation and turnaround. Within ‎Bottneuro, my mission is to develop a sustainable strategy in neuromodulation and ‎neuroscience to advance ideas into concrete products that can change the way we ‎live.‎

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