Dr. Josef Hayoz

Advisor, Engineering of Headsets

I am passionate about innovating medical devices and advancing their reliability, ‎performance, usability, and cost-effectiveness to the benefit of patients and other ‎involved stakeholders. I am an experienced product, project, and executive manager ‎with career focus on the medical device industry. In my career I have overseen ‎various responsibilities throughout the product pipeline, from clinical research, ‎product management, product development, product registration, to marketing & ‎sales, including KOL management, P&L accountability and strategy development. At ‎Bottneuro, I am eager to contribute to the advancement of novel electrical ‎stimulation therapies to the benefit of patients suffering from neurodegenerative ‎diseases such as AD.‎

Personal Experience

My educational background is in natural sciences (academic high school diploma), medicine (first propaedeutic) and physics (master’s degree, Ph.D., and Postdoc). Outstanding achievements during my 20+ years at Sentec, a manufacturer of noninvasive patient monitoring solutions whose successful global growth I supported from a start-up to a company with global reach, include: i) the preparation of Sentec’s first FDA 510k submission for a novel patient monitoring device which got cleared within 60 days, ii) as CEO, successful turnaround management with very limited budgets and resources transitioning Sentec seriously at risk to fail when appointed as CEO into a profitable and financially healthy company with global presence, and iii) while serving on Sentec’s board and heading business development, assessment of various acquisition targets and subsequently a leading member of the team conducting the due diligence and completing the acquisition and integration of the selected target firm. Today I am CCO and COO of Optimo Medical, a Swiss medical technology and IT cloud company that develops and offers personalized solutions for the planning of surgical interventions on the human eye.

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