Dr. Bekim Osmani

CEO, Board member

  • bekim.osmani@bottneuro.ch
Inspiration comes of working every day - but only with a positive mindset. I want to ‎ensure that technology simplifies the everyday life of all those who are particularly ‎challenged by health issues.

Personal Experiences

I graduated at ETH Zurich in Biomedical Engineering ‎and Robotics and served in various management positions for several SMEs before ‎completing my Ph.D. studies in Nanosciences at the University of Basel with summa ‎cum laude on soft and nanostructured electrodes. My research interests include the ‎design and Fabrication of future brain-computer interfaces and neuromodulation ‎techniques. As CEO of Bottneuro, I’m pushing novel electrical stimulation therapies ‎to real applications for patients suffering from neurodegenerative diseases. ‎

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