MSc. Alois C. Hopf

CTO and Co-Founder, Glia Stimulation

AD has to be understood to bring sustainable improvements to patients. I'm ‎convinced that by expanding our knowledge about neurodegenerative diseases, we ‎are able to limit and counteract harmful disease progression. Therefore, I studied ‎Biotechnology to understand how biological systems work and how we can control ‎them for our benefit. I graduated in 2017 from ETH Zurich (M.Sc. ETH), where I was ‎taught scientific work on basic research. After graduation, I joined the University ‎Hospital of Basel for my PhD studies to work in translational research on ‎neuromodulation of glial cells. Bottneuro allows us to bring translation from research ‎to clinical application a step further and bring direct benefits to patients. ‎

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