Clinical need

Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is a progressive, neurodegenerative disorder of the brain that is currently estimated to affect 9.8 million people in Europe alone (2019). There are currently no treatments which slow down or stop the progress of this disorder. As for the treatment of AD, there are several approved drugs that are actively marketed today. However, these drugs are limited in their efficacy and duration of action and only help to alleviate the symptoms of the disease. It is predicted that, as the population ages, the incidence of AD will significantly increase over the next decades.



Market for Alzheimer's Disease

The number of people living with dementia in Europe is currently close to 9.8 million. The total medical costs were estimated at EUR 177 billion in 2020. These costs will rise to EUR 250 billion by 2030 due to our ageing society. Similar numbers apply to the US with total costs of USD 305 billion in 2020.

CHF 10 billion

annual costs in Switzerland

estimated annual costs of EUR 40 billion in DACH region

150000 x

patients in Switzerland

1’700’000 patients in DACH region